Jan Grotovsky



Artiste slovaque

Date of birth: 24.1.1902
Place of birth: Russian Casimir
Ján Grotkovský was born on January 24, 1902 in Kazimír, Russia, and died on June 3, 1961 in Košice. He acquired the basics of art education in the years 1926-1927 with Dezider Orosz. In the years 1934-1938 he studied privately with E. Halász-Hradil. He worked as a sales assistant, since 1950 a freelance artist. He exhibited independently in Žilina (1938), Prešov (1960). He focused mainly on landscaping, occasionally also figural themes and still lifes. His paintings are characterized by a discreet presentation, lyrically to melancholy angled silver color and an effort to faithfully transcribe the shapes. He focused mainly on eastern Slovakia from the High Tatras to the East Slovakian lowlands. Literature: Váross, M .: Slovak Fine Arts 1918-1945. Bratislava 1960, p. 164; Groško, I .: Painting of the 19th and 20th centuries in eastern Slovakia. Košice 1973, p. 58. Vízdalová-Hašcáková, G .: Profiles.