Exposition passée

Early Jazz Icons

du 9 novembre 2018 au 8 décembre 2018

This exposition is a commemoration of some of America's great jazz icons and their followers, those who worshiped, studied, venerated, promoted and idolized these masters and their music. My uncle, Harris Lewine, along with his friends and colleagues, such as Paul Bacon, Frank Driggs, Bill Graver, Stanley Dance, Marshal Sterns, Nat Hentoff, John Hammond, Norman Granz, Francis Hofstein, Robert Pernet, and Robert Crumb, were early followers of the jazz religion. This exposition is dedicated to all the above and to jazz aficionados throughout the world, for without religion there are no idols.
Peter Aghib


Les évenements

Concert duo Fabrice Alleman- Jean Louis Rassinfosse

25 novembre 2018 De 15 à 17 heures

« Saxophone story » par Maxime Plateau

11 novembre 2018 13h et 15h

Conférence « Jazz Mania » par Christian Jazz, musicologue et collectionneur

10 novembre 2018 13h et 15h


8 novembre 2018 18 h